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   Have you arrived at the crossroads in your life? Are you faced with big life decisions?


   Are you seeking clarity, courage and confidence about the best way to move forward?


  Are you ready for your life to be different?


   Are you ready to show up powerfully in your life, express your gifts and stay committed to your true potential?


   Are you ready to live from a place of inspired action?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, take a few minutes to contact me for the complimentary leadership assessment. It will reveal your unique gifts, strengths and talents so that you can use your emotional patterns of power to create your best life.


Step into a new realm of courage and confidence! Become the leader of your life! Stop wishing and start doing!

I can help you connect to the highest place within yourself, while cultivating the ability to show up every day. Despite the challenges you may be facing, I will help you become unstuck and keep you moving forward with alignment.



I have always been super passionate about personal development. I am a former elite athlete, used to pushing the limits of what is possible for myself. This is the place where I feel most alive and in the flow. I love the challenge of learning new things, setting a goal and achieving it.
But for most of my life, at the top of every achievement, there was always this sense that something was missing.
On the outside, everything looked great, but on the inside, I never felt like I was good enough. I struggled with feelings of self doubt, insecurity, and shame. I felt the guilt, heartache and pain of relationships that were not thriving. I longed to create relationships where everyone felt safe, loved and accepted, but I had no idea how to create this change I desired.
It was terrifying to become more honest and true to myself.
I had to dig deep to find the courage to move forward, one baby step at a time. And in doing that, I experienced the beauty in change, and the power of transformation. I learned how to turn the power back on from the inside.
Learning to listen to the quiet voice of my heart changed the trajectory of my life. Once I became clear about who I wanted to be, how I wanted to show up in the world and what I wanted for myself, I started living, really living.
Looking back over my life, I see the connection between having a great coach, asking great questions and me thriving within my life. My coaches have inspired me to bring forth my best and they have challenged me to grow, stretch and reach for new heights within myself.
As a Certified Feminine Leadership Coach it is an honour to work with women, to help them define what they want most for their lives and to be able to provide them with the confidence, support and tools they need to reach for more and better.

Sign Up here for a free LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT.


Connecting you
to the Leader Within

This eight-week program is designed for women who are feeling unhappy, dissatisfied or disconnected from themselves or within their lives.


“The Leader Within” is for the woman who wants to experience more fulfillment within her life. The heart of this program is self-care and self-awareness.


It will help you answer the questions, who am I and what do I want for my life?


This program will connect you to what brings you joy, what lights you up, and teach you how to design your life around what sustains you from the inside.


In learning to honour and respect your own needs and desires, you will learn to stay connected to your power so that you can choose to create the life and life experiences you desire.


Emotional Fitness
Building Self Confidence and Courage

This eight-week program is designed for women who have goals, but who are struggling to make that goal a reality.


This program provides the bridge between the naming what you desire and taking the aligned action steps necessary so that you can receive the wealth that you desire.


Most people know what they should be doing to reach their goals, but for whatever reason, they don’t do it consistently. This program is designed to help you release what isn’t working and to keep you accountable, to taking aligned action steps within your life.


It is about going beyond what is easy and natural and stretching yourself to reach for your highest potential.


“Emotional Fitness” will support you as you develop the courage and self-confidence to follow through with taking your most powerful steps forward so that you can reach new heights within yourself and within your life.

Creating Relationships
That Thrive

This eight-week program is designed for women who wish to improve their relationships with other people.


Children, spouses, co-workers, siblings and first families, all of our relationships matter.


Relationships can be a source of support, love, joy and connection or they can be a source of heartache, guilt, pain, disconnection and drama.


This program provides the essential skills needed for creating relationships that thrive. It teaches women how to become leaders within their relationships and to take responsibility for themselves.


“Creating Relationships That Thrive” is all about learning to speak from your heart, understand your value and worth and set healthy boundaries so that you and your relationships can thrive.


In the eight-week programs you will receive:


   8 – one hour appointments and unlimited email.

   Program exercises, tools, accountability and action steps that will keep you  moving forward and in alignment with your highest self.

   Ongoing coaching is always available.

We also offer a 6-month program which combines all three programs at an exceptional savings. Please contact me for more information.

Corporate Packages are also available for small offices which are looking to bring out the best in their staff so they can create healthy, thriving team environments.


I love working with small offices that are struggling to create loyal, motivated, highly engaged teams. I provide the training and the tools for the small teams so that the employees can remain aligned with the vision, values and integrity of the office.


By learning how to identify talents and gifts in staff it frees up time and energy for the managers to pursue other aspects of the business. Please contact me to discuss how leadership training may benefit your office.


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